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Success Stories

We love sharing the stories of our clients who have shown so much dedication to our sessions. Head read more to see more about their journey with Dynamic Fitness.

Ceri's Journey


Ceri came to us with a high level of fitness, simply needing a shake up to his routine. We created a plan that kept Ceri motivated, with new work outs and challenging goals.

Esyllt's Journey


Before coming to us, Esyllt was new to exercise. Fitness is now part of her daily routine, training hard and eat well.

Johan's Journey


Johan found his busy lifestyle made it difficult to focus on his health. Through the 6 week programme, Johan proved if you apply yourself and follow the training program with no short cuts you can make a massive change to yourself and your lifestyle.

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Patsey started with us back in July and was really struggling with her strength, mobility and her confidence. She has been to a number physio’s with limited success and found us and hasn’t looked back since. We have built her up from scratch and work together to give her a pain free life and avoid having operations.

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